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Do you think outside the box? Are you willing to take risks? You’ll fit right in.

In today’s changing market, we’re always seeking top talent that will enable us to have a competitive edge against our current and future competitors. We’re creating a culture where the statements “Because it’s always been done that way” and “because it’s the rule” will no longer be used as an excuse to stop our staff from being creative. We’re looking for innovative, motivated, goal oriented individuals who are willing to challenge our current processes with a clear vision towards success.

Orlando Sentinel Media Group has been serving the Central Florida market for over 130 years and is part of the Tribune Company, one of the most respected media companies in the world. We build upon that heritage by reinventing and adapting ourselves to the realities of today, providing customers with quality products and services to build a strong and long-lasting relationship.

Review the current job openings by clicking here or use the career opportunities menu item and select current job openings. After you review the openings, enter our online resume system to create your resume and apply. Completing this process and creating your online application will require a small investment of your time up front. Time, we believe, well spent.

You'll only be asked to provide us with your personal and employment information once and we'll keep it on file. You'll be able to return to this site again to check out our current openings by just signing in and entering your password. No need to attach your resume again when applying as we've already captured all the necessary information conveniently during your first visit. You'll then have access to all of our job seeker tools.

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We’re seeking unique people to help us reinvent the media world. A very tough gig. And not for the unfocused or unmotivated. If you’ve got the drive, courage and commitment, we want you with us.


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